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About Us

About us


girls-tee1Established in 2016 DeckeD is an independently family owned clothing company, selling our own brand of luxury urban street and gym wear, for both Men and Women.

We are based in the sunshine coast of Eastbourne in East Sussex, which is between Brighton and Hastings, and the Decked family have had the pleasure of living and growing up in this area.

Over the years we have all been involved with many different passions from BMX, skateboarding, music, drumming to kickboxing and weightlifting. In addition with being part of the VW car scene.

With such varied interests we learnt that keeping up with on trend fashions that represented all of these, yet still standing out and being an individual can be hard work and expensive.  One day you can be at the skate park next training hard in the gym or off to a car show or just hanging out with friends.

This is how the idea for DeckeD came about. We wanted to create a brand that would represent you as an individual, helping you to stand out from the pack. While still representing what ever your passion is without hitting your wallet hard and without losing quality, style and comfort in the clothes that you buy.

Our clothes are made to a high standard, versatile and durable to withstand whatever your day throws at you while still helping you to look and feel your best. We have an ever growing catalogue of clothes and accessories and we are constantly looking to bring you the latest looks that help you to stand out from the Pack.

Our Ethos is –

Individuality – Stand Out from the pack, love what you love and love being you without worrying about judgment.

We wish to thank:

Photographer – Simon Anderson –

Location Acknowledgement – Titan Kickboxing Club –


Quotes that inspire and motivate us

  • "People will stare. Make it worth their while"
  • "The difference between STYLE and FASHION is QUALITY"
  • "When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else"
  • "Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak"
  • "We’re not here to be Average, we’re here to be Awesome"
  • “Different is Beautiful”

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